Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Capture Screen Video

This short blog post explains how you can use keyboard shortcuts and the Games Bar of Windows 10 to capture video of your screen in Windows 10 without any additional software.

You can press Windows+Alt+R to start or stop Recording video of your screen.

While recording, you can press Windows+Alt+M to enable or disable your Microphone.

Supposedly, you can press Windows+Alt+G to record the last 30 seconds, but only if you tell the Games Bar that the application you are using is a game, and even then, I could not get it to work.

You can press Windows+G to access the Games Bar. The Settings icon is to the right of the clock.

Video captures and stills captured with Windows+Alt+PrtSc seem to go to:


For guidance on capturing screen shots, see:

Honestly, I discovered this feature by accident just after finding another set of keyboard shortcuts by accident recently:

If you like keyboard shortcuts, see:

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