A Whole New Class of “Office” Keyboard Shortcuts

I accidentally discovered a new type of keyboard shortcut that you can use in Microsoft Office. I have not noticed any, but apparently, some new keyboards come with an “Office” key. Luckily, the Office key is equivalent to the handy (pun intended) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Win, which I think we can call mash. I am not sure if or how you can use these keyboard shortcuts without Office.

Unfortunately, Office monopolizes some of the best shortcuts:

  • Office (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Win): Office (launcher)
  • Office+D: OneDrive
  • Office+L: LinkedIn
  • Office+N: OneNote
  • Office+P: PowerPoint
  • Office+T: Teams
  • Office+W: Word
  • Office+X: Excel
  • Office+Y: Yammer (hooray.)

For me, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Win+D apparently tries the wrong place for onedrive.exe (mine is in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\OneDrive.exe”) and falls back to using the browser.

You can use the Office key in your own Office keyboard shortcuts. In Word:

  1. On the home tab, in the Styles group, right-click a style, and then select Modify.
  2. Click Format, and then click Shortcut key.
  3. Press the shortcut key and then click Close.

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