Introducing the wslguy (Author)

I am John West, and I am the author of the wslguy blog. I have been reading relevant material and programming computers for more than 35 years. I started using variants of Unix and Linux in the late 90s, especially as servers. I have used Sun, SGI, and Linux workstations, but for my personal machine, I generally use Windows.

For me, Windows NT, Windows XP, and Windows 7 were the best versions of Windows. I feel that it takes me longer to complete tasks in Windows 10 than it did on earlier versions of Windows, maybe because I have not fully adapted. I get tired of looking for things in the operating system, especially when shortcuts from prior versions fail in new versions of Windows.

Because I use Microsoft Office and Visual Studio, I depend on Windows. From a user’s perspective, Linux does not change much. For me, it is easier to remember the names of commands that do not change than to navigate my way through user interfaces that change over time. I can use Windows Subsystem for Linux to reduce that dependence.

Microsoft Edge is a quality browser from a major vendor with excellent security, enough privacy controls, and sufficient configurability to use as my primary browser.

Here are three of my other tech blogs, though I generally do not maintain the posts about Sitecore anymore.

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